What Should You Include in Your Podcast Show Notes?

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When it comes to

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your podcast episodes, one of the most important things to get right is your show notes. The reason for this is simple. Not only does show notes help your listeners or potential listeners know what to expect in the episode, which helps them decide whether to listen to your episode or not, but well optimized show notes can also help your episode be found in search. Think of show notes like a blog post for your podcast episode. The more detail you can put in there, the easier it is for your listener to decide whether to listen or not. So what should your show notes include?

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Some of the key things is an introduction. That way, you're setting the listener up for your episode ahead. What your listener is going to take away from the episode. Links to any resources that you're using. Where listeners can find you and your guest afterwards. You can also add any sponsor details in there, making it easy for your listeners to check out your sponsors. Good show notes can really help your episode stand out from other podcasters, so take the time to make really good show notes. Until the next time. Happy podcasting.

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